Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Internet industry has 30% growth every year.And therefore the adsense revenue should increase day by day.But those who are earning good can able to increase their income and rest are not getting their first cheque.All this happen because of less knowledge about the product adsense.If you refer the adsenseguide its very easy for you to get and boost your monthly income.
You can earn good money through blog also.Its very important to do following steps to earn good money out of adsense.There are few peoples who are earning good money from this google program.
Simply follow the following steps to make your entry in billionaireclub.
1). Post your ads in more than 1000 free classified ad website.
2). Add url of your site in more 500 search engine ask msn yahoo google etc.
3). Write at least 4 to 5 articles daily.
4). Offline advertisement of your blog.
5). Always try to change the look of your site.
6). Give reason to visit your blog or site.
7). At least give 3 hrs. daily to your site.
8). Always explore something new and learn to increase adsense income.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ad Posting Jobs in India

This is common advertisement which we find on Internet.What the new Internet user think of it.The Ad posting work is very easy.But my dear friends the ad posting work is most difficult type of work.When any website offer a work,most of the website are fraud their interest is in training fees.They make such a arrangement that you can not complete the work in given time periods.As per their terms and condition if the work is not completed within given periods,they may refuse to pay you anything.You cant meet them personally because most of the time address given is wrong,so that you can't contact them personally.
The target of ad posting job is about to post 7000 ads in 20 days.Even though you work for 10hrs a day.You cant complete the target.Calculation is very simple 7000/20=350.You have to post 350 ads daily.They give you a list of some free classified site.Those website are so standard that they will not allow you to post more than 10 days.If you want to post more ad,they will treat as spam.Its my personal experience.
Before paying to any such website drop a mail to us.We will give you proper guidance.Even i stop the payment of 10 Internet user,purpose of this article will get fulfilled. 


From the latest research it is clear that 7 out of 10 Americans dreaming of Internet money.They want to work from the comfort of their home.In a country like India work from home trend is increasing very rapidly.There are a lot of work from home work provider.They mainly target housewife,retired person,students.
But the pity about this work is that most of the work from home work provider are fraud.Their interest is in training  and registration fees.Some good websites are also their who provide work from home job.Before paying money or any fees.Drop a mail to us,since we are in this business since from years. Definitely we will guide you.Don't hurry what usually people do.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Blogging is a place where we can publish your views as soon as it comes in our mind.Here we get the most updated data.By using this blog we can earn a good money.It depend on you effectively we use this tool.Some people are earning more than 100000/- pm.Above all is the satisfaction of writing.Those who has ability to write can understand this satisfaction.The most popular way to earn money from blogging is Google adsense.Here we have to make a blog about that topic about which we can write a much article of good serve their ad to your blog when someone click on that you get paid.Once the brand value of your blog is establish traffic flow to your blog.More traffic to your website,more chance of getting revenue from google adsense.
There are other method also like Yahoo Publisher Network.It is also good.try this.
At you can make your blog.

free adsense guide

Friday, January 6, 2012


This is era is internet,most of the people want to earn some good money from internet.But most of them not successful because they want make money fast.And there is not shortcut to success.
All of us will be delighted if we got such opportunity to earn money from the comfort of home then the answer is yes.Since they don't have proper and adequate knowledge of adsense,they found difficult to make money from adsense.Our website provide guidance to such people,who want to earn money from the internet.
If you are serious of making money with adsense ,you should remember following tips for adsense.
1). Google adsense income is not nightmare task.
2). You should have through knowledge of blog/website on which topic it is based.
3). It should be updated daily if you are new.
5). Spend some money to make adsense blog user friendly.
6). Its only difficult to get first cheque after that task will be easier since your knowledge is increased.
7). Don't try to do all ways of marketing because by this will be properly done.Do only few but properly.
8). Submit articles in free articles website because it will bring traffic to your website
9). Post at least 10 classified ad.
10). Read regularly terms and condition of google adsense.
Even you face problem contact us.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Just write a very popular keyword "data entry job" you will find huge result.Yes this data entry job is most popular keyword among all the internet user.Specifically for those who are new in a business of internet money.People want to earn more than 1000$ by doing just data entry job.Some times they expect less say 10000 INR.But if you think for while is it really possible to earn good money by only doing data entry.Why should any one pay so large amount for data entry job.Where there is no need of any professional skill.But the grid and innocence trap you here.
Open any website of data entry job which promises you to provide a data entry job.They have a different categories like data entry job,ad posting work,content writing job,form filling job,adsense tutorial and many more.These people are very smart they take care of everything like their site view just look simply professional,all the colour combination,logo,buttons are just eye catching.They display their addresses saying office address,head office address,branch office address.They show the proof of income which the other people earn from their website.And the most amazing tool is their contact no.If you call them first time they will attend you in a very nice manner.They show them very professional.
What the normal conversation between you and them
You :- Hello sir, i have seen this no on so and so website and interested in doing part time job
Website :- OK, which work you want to do?
You :- I want to start with ad posting job.
Website :- Good,Here you can earn more than 15000/- INR pm.
(what you think in mind very good yaar if i am earning this much its more than full time job so why should i not start.I will be rich very soon.And one biggest who you do is you never tell about this to your friend,thinking you alone want to be rich.If you tell to your friends or parents,they may stop you from doing such work)
You :- Which type of ads are this ?
Website:- simple ads  which you have to post on internet,it takes 2 hrs daily to complete the task.
You :- Okay,i want to join.
Website :- first you have to register with us b paying Rs.2000/-.Its one time registration and training fees.
You :- Get little bit nervous,because he is asking for money.Okay i will think and call you later.
Here First mode of your work ends,Then after one day you will call or you receive a call from them.
Website:- Hello sir (in a very sweet manner) you make a inquiry regarding ad posting work.A lot of people working with us and making good money out of this.
You :- Is it possible that you reduce my training and registration from my first income.
Website:- Sorry sir,we can't do this.This is one time registration and each have to pay this.
You:- Okay i will pay
Website :- When you deposit the money,Is it own today?
You :- Yes today or tomorrow.
On the next day you will deposit the money.But on previous night you have a dream of money.
You:- I have deposited the money
Website:- As soon as he heard this he win,his tone change.Okay you will get a mail from us,wait.
On the same day or next they drop you a mail
Website:- Have receive a mail?
You:- Yes
Website:- Training schedule is given and type of work is also given.Call me on given training schedule.
You call his as per the instruction.He explain you the work.They most tell us to post the ads in a classified which is about them only so that they can trap other.
Let us see what data entry work they have given to you,you have to post more than 8000 ads to classified.Which is totally impossible task even you work for a 10 hrs a day instead of 2 hrs a day.You start a work and have to face a lot of problem because classified does not allow such ads.
You call to website and tell his about this problem.His behavior totally change.He will say same type of work others are doing very easily.Try you also properly as per the training.Again you try thinking some thing goes wrong by you.But not succeeded.Because work given is impossible task.As per there terms and condition,since you haven't complete the task they don't have to pay you anything.Up till now you got pain in your head.And leave the work incomplete.You also feel shame of telling to others thinking they will laugh on you.And this is you second mistake.Tell others as much as you can,Post your comment in Indian Consumer.
I am against of data entry work but paying them money.But even though you want to joint data entry work please take precaution.
1). In google search Data Entry Work scam - You may find some post against them.
2). Tell to your friend :- you may find victim of such website out of them.
3). Before paying the money ask data entry website to give you a work
4). Be very clear about amount of work what you have to do.
5). Read each and every terms and condition of website very carefully.
6). If website office address is near by you visit there.
Be careful and best of luck!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 Up till,i explain a lot of money earning methods.All of us know that Google adsense is one
of those.And its very popular.There are certain tips for new join to adsense.

1). Read carefully terms and condition of google adsense and strictly folow them.
2). Don't tell about your website or blog to any one close to you like friend,family members etc.
3). Don't expect money in the first month because it is not nightmare rich game.
4). Please don't make a website regarding adsense,because since you are new to adsense you don't have much knowledge and you cant able to write more and of good quality.
5). At least post 2 to 3 post daily on your blog or website.
6). Always try to give new touch to your website, so that visitor will not be bore.
7). Always try to give something new and creative to visitors.
8). Classiifed ads is a free source of making advertisement post at least 10 ads daily.
9). Try to make website about you have a through knpwledge.
10). Don't depend on blog for long period, after receiving money from Google, make a good website.
11).Be professional and consistant in Google adsense to receive success.